SMASHBALL _ Presentation Deck __ Jan 2020

Smash Ball: Ping Pong But With Mechs

Smash Ball, developed by Game Pill Studios is another addition to the fast-paced and over the top non-traditional sports genre. Scheduled for release sometime in the second quarter of 2020, Smash Ball...

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OctoMaze Mobile Game Review

OctoMaze Demo: A Short But Sweet Masterpiece Have you always yearned for a puzzle game that is not only enjoyable but also simple to play? A puzzle game that has an excellent level of challenge that y...

8 Great

Railways of Love Review

Back story In Railways of love, there two (2) people in a train a man and a woman, there on their journey back home from the city of the future. They have feelings for each other but don’t know how to...

7.5 Good

Game Review – Mad Machines

Brief Description There are many cool features to look forward to playing in the brand new sports title known as Mad Machines. The online competitive modes are extremely popular, particularly the 3 vs...

6.5 Fair
Ninja Block Screenshot Demo Game Studio 2

Daily Update Ninja Blocks Home Stretch #2

Easter is almost upon us, and we all won’t be able to go outside and enjoy the festive season. What are we doing at game studio 2? Trying to simplify Ninja Block game mechanics Preview of what w...

Ninja Block history scene 3

Daily Update Ninja Blocks Home Stretch #1

Hi all short update for Ninja Block development, in this stressful time in the world, and with everyone stuck at home looking for things to do to remove the stress of their mind, we have been developi...

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Ninja Blocks

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