OctoMaze Mobile Game Review

OctoMaze Demo: A Short But Sweet Masterpiece

Have you always yearned for a puzzle game that is not only enjoyable but also simple to play? A puzzle game that has an excellent level of challenge that you can play on any device? If so, then you must be lucky. As we speak, such a puzzle game is currently available for play.

Released on 12th November 2019, OctoMaze demo, created by Octagon Game Studio is a new puzzle game that revolves around the use of the unique game mechanism. An Octopus, who is player-controlled, is making an effort to pass through numerous different labyrinth-like phases. Octopus does this while getting around enemies and various traps. Some of the features of the game include:

-Five different kinds of rivals.
-Worms, comets, tile holes, crates, etc.
-Numerous levels, consisting of different challenges, environs, as well as power-ups and collectables.
-Nightmare bonus levels.
-Lots of great stuff, various laser, teleports, centrepieces, flamethrowers, and tile types controlled by lasers or buttons.

OctoMaze-Screenshot 2
OctoMaze-Screenshot 2

At the moment, you can access the OctoMaze puzzle game on Google Play Store for only $3.99 together with a free to play demo. That said, I’m happy to bring you an exclusive review of the game from Octagon Game Studio.

OctoMaze: The Story and Gameplay

Octagon Game Studio’s OctoMaze puzzle game offers an enjoyable playing experience for every age. Besides, OctoMaze comes packed with thought-provoking puzzles that become more difficult as you advance through the game levels.

The OctoMaze tale is one that revolves around a juvenile octopus known as Aristotle. Aristotle has devoted several years in working out so as to become an adventurer. He would like to rescue the Octopuses tribe from the disgusting Parasites, who are the enemies. Seeing as the treacherous enemies have embezzled items and objects from the Octopuses tribe, it’s now your responsibility to regain them.

In OctoMaze, the gameplay is based on the mission to get back the items by Octopus passing through maze levels controlling a tentacle. During the various labyrinth levels, you’ll have to get around obstructions such as spike walls that discharge gas as, while attempting to collect coins.

Amidst all of these, you’ll have to hit a succession of buttons to continue advancing through the level. While progressing, you’ll be able to crack new artifacts such as flamethrowers, drills, a teleporting device, etc. All of these new items are to support you on your mission. What is more, the various levels in the OctoMaze game occur in diverse settings, including space, a forest, and a city.

Something Fresh on Puzzle Games

OctoMaze game by Octagon Game Studio intermixes every element providing you with a thought-provoking experience. An experience that you can effortlessly learn and play. For myself, I had a good time playing the game on my Android. I think OctoMaze would offer a great experience for adults, as well as kids.

OctoMaze Screenshot
OctoMaze Screenshot

Amongst the fascinating features of the OctoMaze puzzle game is the tentacle mechanic, which controlling was incredibly fun. Apparently, the developers behind this game got motivation from classic titles in the puzzle genre. They were able to perfect the formula, as the whole thing including the levels and enemies in the game were specified using fun and pleasant cartoonish art variety. Additionally, the various phases involved in the OctoMaze gam are well created. They were able to remain as exciting as the game advanced.

Although the OctoMaze puzzles are simple to solve, they still offer a significant challenge. They have an undemanding design which at times can prove to be challenging to work out. On the whole, the OctoMaze is properly-crafted, particularly when it comes to controls, which are slick and responsive. Also, the game has agreeable music that goes together with the gameplay remarkably. This further boosts the experience.

What You Might Not Like

Apart from the positive aspects of OctoMaze, there is a part where the puzzle game might stand to get better, for instance, the background art for the various levels. Like for me, the forest-themed series of levels I managed to play had fifteen sub-levels having slight dissimilarity. All the levels had a checkerboard chocolate arrangement with an identical Octopus on the uppermost.

The one thing that could change between the levels was the layout of the labyrinth, which for me wasn’t sufficient enough. Having more specified deviations between the art as well as background would bring a fresh breath into the game. Nevertheless, apart from this quite minor complain, for my part, OctoMaze is still a solid puzzle game.

All in all, I enjoyed playing OctoMaze game. The puzzle game is a rather entertaining one. It utilizes components of the well-known species of games then provides it with a refreshing experience. Even as some levels may well employ a tad of deviation in its style of art, the smooth controls that are entertaining prevail over the dreary graphic design.
  • The game has great mechanics and style
  • A great game for both adults and kids
  • A simple game to pick up and play
  • The game makes you think outside the box when clearing levels
  • Some of the levels can be confusing
  • The game can be addictive
  • The layout of the maze could be fixed to offer more variations

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