Railways of Love Review

Back story

In Railways of love, there two (2) people in a train a man and a woman, there on their journey back home from the city of the future. They have feelings for each other but don’t know how to express those feelings.

As the player, you must help them change their destiny by helping the protagonists confess their love for one another hence the railways of love. The more you progress in the game the more you learn about the protagonists.



When I first played the game I was taken back to my school days by the games retro graphics. It’s a simple mono style coloring. As I played along the game felt less interactive. Some of the few actions I got for the protagonists when they interacted with the environment was when you were asked to take action on behalf of the protagonists i.e. “The light blinks” or “The attendant comes by”.

But then as you keep playing you release there exceptions to these interactions, each time you would be given a separate chose on who gets to confess their love for the other person, but when you pick one, the character would find an excuse to confess their love, a feeling I know very well.

railways of love image 1
railways of love image 1

Story Telling

The story telling in Railways of love is very unique and the deeper you go the more you get to know your characters. It’s not a story that gets you at the first go, it has layers to it. On my second play that’s when started to see other sides of the story and getting captivated by it.

One this that was frustrating about the story whilst playing the way that at times I felt as if i was just a person along for the ride was when the game wouldn’t force you to choose a different option to the ones you want to pick so at times it felt as if I was just a narrator and not part or one of the charters

The Game

The game is short and it encourages you to change shoes, play as the other character and try to change their destiny. So I gave it a go and that’s when railways of love started to pick up my interest. As I played, again and again, more stories about the characters were revealed and often a different ending was shown each time. Some of these endings did not come with the word “love” attached to it you a Hollywood romantic movie or true love conquers everything.

Railways of love is a fun game if you play it for the second or third time, it tries to be more sensible, mature and grounded. Displaying a deeper understanding of what it means for 2 people to come together and express how they feel and where that journey might lead. Just like in real life being committed to someone might cost careers, friendships and other relationships around you. In its own way, it’s kind of poetic, I recommend you give it a go and not only once.
  • Story telling
  • Hidden stories
  • Background music
  • use of imagination
  • Limited interaction

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